Friday, April 22, 2011


Here is a great resource that I found out about from Larry Ferlazzo.

It is a website hosted by the textbook company Glencoe.  The content is intended to be used in conjunction with their textbooks.  However, it is not necessary to possess the textbooks in order to take advantage of some of their online resources.

Glencoe’s landing page looks like this:

Glencoe McGraw-Hill

As you can see, in the corner is a box you can use to access their online resources.

There are many subjects available.  The subject that interested me was Social Studies.  Selecting Social Studies takes you to this page:

Social Studies

I have opened up the “World History” tab.  You can see that there are resources for three text books available within World History.

Selecting “Journey Across Time” brings you to this page: sites 0078750504

You can see that there are many resources available.  Some are better than others.  I would recommend the “In-Motion Animations,” and the “Student Web Activities.”  However, perhaps the best resource on this site is the “Spotlight Videos.”

There is a large library of videos available.  Here is a screen shot showing just some of them.

Social Studies

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hip Hop Songs

Students in my music class composed hip hop songs.

They used Myna to create the background music and beats. Myna is a free online audio editor. It includes a library with many audio samples that can be stitched together.

This student used 19 different audio clips in her production.

Then, the students used Ujam to record their voices. They used headphones to listen to their music on Myna while they sang.

Myna can be used for voice recording, but I prefer Ujam because it has many neat effects that can be utilized to improve and distort the sound of your voice. The only drawback is that Ujam has a one minute time limit. If necessary, this problem can be solved by having students record two different sessions and then using Myna to paste them together afterwards.

Here is one student`s voice, as recorded on Ujam, before he added his music.

Having recorded their voices, the students download the MP3, and then uploaded it to Myna. They then did any necessary adjustments, such as changing the tempo, to match the vocals to the music.

Here is the song created by one student who actually did not know what to write about, so she read from the novel, `The Giver.`