Monday, September 27, 2010

Google Sports Calendars

If you are a sports fan and you use Google Calendar, then you can import the schedule of your favorite team. The calendars of all the major sports teams are here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smart Board Worksheets

Did you know that you can use a Smart Board to write on a PDF worksheet?


DonorsChoose is a website connecting teachers who need money with donors.  I like the philosophy of this site because it allows donors to see the immediate effects of their contributions.  Also, the small projects make it feel like your donation is making a large impact.

On a related note, it is sad that teachers are reduced to canvassing for basic school supplies.  These are items that should be provided by the government.  According to this article, the money spent on the Iraq War could have been used to hire over 7 million teachers.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Portable Applications

I started using a portable USB drive and I am quite happy with the convenience it provides.

On my USB drive, I installed a program called PortableApps. PortableApps provides a convenient way to install and manage portable programs that are stored on my USB drive and can be run from my USB drive.

The two portable programs that I am using so far are Chrome and Hott Notes. Chrome is Google`s web browser. Hott Notes is a sticky note reminder application.

Now, I can transport my files back and forth between my home and my workplace with a device that fits in my pocket. At one point last year, I was lugging my laptop to and fro.

My passwords for sites such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Engrade are stored on my USB drive. So now, I can plug my USB drive into any computer at the school, then be automatically logged on to every site. Before, I would have to log on to each site, then make sure to log off again because the computers I use at work are public.

Photo by patrick a lauke.