Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Portable Applications

I started using a portable USB drive and I am quite happy with the convenience it provides.

On my USB drive, I installed a program called PortableApps. PortableApps provides a convenient way to install and manage portable programs that are stored on my USB drive and can be run from my USB drive.

The two portable programs that I am using so far are Chrome and Hott Notes. Chrome is Google`s web browser. Hott Notes is a sticky note reminder application.

Now, I can transport my files back and forth between my home and my workplace with a device that fits in my pocket. At one point last year, I was lugging my laptop to and fro.

My passwords for sites such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Engrade are stored on my USB drive. So now, I can plug my USB drive into any computer at the school, then be automatically logged on to every site. Before, I would have to log on to each site, then make sure to log off again because the computers I use at work are public.

Photo by patrick a lauke.


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