Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chartle Map

Chartle is more than just charts.

Today, I asked my students to utilize Chartle to create a population map, which they then embedded on their blogs.

Here are the instructions that I printed for them on Engrade:

Go to

Create > Map II > Lat/Long GeoMap

Title = Population

Width = 500 ; Height = 400

Data tab > Region = Canada

Remove all the locations.

You will add your own locations.  You need to add 10 Canadian cities.  Choose any cities you want to from this list:

Enter the information for each city.  Label = the name of the city.  Latitude and longitude = only write the first two digits; and the longitude must be negative; ie, Calgary is Lat: 15, Long: -114

Value = the population of the city.  Some populations are at this website:

Embed your map on your blog.

Here is one student’s product.


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