Friday, December 11, 2009

Classical Mix-up

We started working with Audacity.

Previously, we were using Myna.  Myna is a great tool, but we found it to be slow and unreliable – it sometimes froze – when downloading the students’ productions

To get my students familiar with the basics of importing music and working with multiple tracks on Audacity, I assigned the following project:

Create an account at  This website has plenty of classical music available for downloading.  Select an song and download it.

Edit it in Audacity.  You can apply different effects to different parts of the song.  Your song should have a Fade In at the beginning and a Fade Out at the end.

Download soundtracks from this website and add them to your audio project.  You need to have at least 10 different sound clips, preferably from movies or TV shows.  Try to repeat the same sound clip more than once.

Export your song as an MP3.

Upload your song to and place the link on your blog.

Listen, if you will, to one student’s creation.


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