Thursday, February 25, 2010

Star Trek

In my Music class, I wanted to devise an activity that would let the students practice using Audacity.

I decided to have them create their own audio track for a movie clip.

I soon discovered that 99% of the movie clips on the internet are in MOV format, which is for Apple Quicktime computers, and cannot be edited in Windows Movie Maker. This is odd, given that 90% of the computers in the world are PCs.

After searching, I found a website called "Trek Mania" that hosts some Star Trek video clips in AVI format.

Students downloaded one of the clips and used Movie Maker to edit it. Movie Maker is a free program for editing video that is part of Windows XP. I found out that Movie Maker is not included with Windows 7. This is odd.

Students used Audacity and a microphone to recreate the speeches in their video clips. They downloaded sound effects from Flashkit and background music from CCMixter, These sounds were imported into Audacity.

Their final Audacity project was exported as a WAV and then imported into Movie Maker. Movie Maker allows users to mute the original sound from the video.

Here a some results.


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