Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VoiceThread Rant

A few weeks ago, I wrote a favorable review of a website called "VoiceThread."

I learned today that this site is not as great as my first impression led me to believe. In fact, I will no longer be using VoiceThread.

I had prepared a lesson in which the students were instructed to create an account at VoiceThread, and then to create four slideshows. As the quickest student attempted to create his fourth slideshow, he alerted me to the fact that free accounts only allow users to create three slideshows. So, I had to modify the assignment. Having exhausted their three slideshow quota, my students will not be able to create any more slideshows in the future.

I don't begrudge the owners of VoiceThread for wanting to make a buck. I don't want to go on a rant against dishonest advertising; however, I think that it was particularly devious of VoiceThread to engage in the old bait and switch ruse. When I was creating my free account, I was never alerted to the fact that it would only allow for three slideshows. I wasted my time signing up (I'm certain my personal information will be sold) and creating slideshows for an account that is now frozen.

By the way, an educator's account is available for the fee of $60/year + $1/user. (But you would have to follow the "Pricing" link in fine print at the bottom of the page to find this out.)

Photo by AdamCohn.


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