Sunday, June 7, 2009

Many Ways

I seem to suffer under the illusion that there exists one single best way to teach, and I am in a constant quest to try to figure out what the characteristics of that best way are. Similarly, I am constantly rehearsing a job interview in my head and trying to figure out what the best answer is, pedagogically speaking.

Today, I read a post on the blog Successful Teaching that questions the advice on another blog, Learn Me Good.

It is not my intention to comment on the subject of the debate, which concerns obliging students to speak; only, to recognize that there are different ways to teach, and that one way is not necessarily better than the other. In fact, it is probably advisable for a teacher to be willing and able to use as many different methods to teach as possible, and to vary one's teaching method depending on the students, the situation, and so on.


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