Monday, June 8, 2009


Here is a page on Wikispaces called Power Up Your Professional Learning Network. It contains plenty of resources.

One of the categories on this page is called Digital Business Cards. I had been looking for a good way to host my resume online, so I was hopeful that one of the listed business card sites would accommodate me.

I discovered a service called Retaggr, which I signed up for. Retaggr lets you create a centralized profile, which can then be connected to many popular websites.

Retaggr will let you link to a resume, although the resume needs to be hosted elsewhere.

I added a Retaggr widget to this blog.

One of the interesting functions of Retaggr is that you can add a signature to comments you post on (participating) blogs and websites. Your signature will contain a popup revealing your personal information. It is dawning on me that one of the best ways to publicize yourself and build a social network is to leave comments. When you comment on an article, then people can follow your name back to your blog or twitter.


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