Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Ready

I have not updated this blog recently.  I feel negligent.  In my defence, I have been busy, preparing for a new house, a new town and a new job.

Certainly, thoughts of planning for the upcoming school year occupy my mind these days.

I have been contemplating how best to adapt the traditional teacher’s day plan book into a digital format.  It is not as straightforward a task as one might think.  I was hoping there would be suitable software online or off that would satisfy my needs.  Until now, I have found nothing.  For now, my strategy is to keep individual lessons and units on RTF documents and organize these documents inside folders: ie, Writing, Grammar, Math, and so on.

I utilize Mozilla Sunbird, a calendar application, to schedule my lessons.  Each event on the calendar links to the corresponding RTF document that contains the detail of the lesson.  This will allow me to reschedule lessons if the need arises.

I also maintain separate documents for Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks and Year Plans for each subject.

My method is not entirely satisfactory and it feels a bit unwieldy; but then, organizing the logistics of a curriculum is no simple task.


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