Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poll Everywhere

As I peruse my Personal Learning Network, I often read about the possibility of using Twitter and cell phones in the classroom.  I was unable to think of a way either of these two technologies could be utilized.  I must admit that I am a cell phone newbie.  I have never owned a cell phone and I have never texted.  I do not know if the new school I will be going to allows cell phones in the classrooms.

I found a website, called Poll Everywhere, that uses Twitter and/or cell phones to allow users to vote in real time.  I voted on this particular poll by tweeting.  It was interesting to refresh the page and see that my vote had been counted.

This poll asks participants to vote on the internet tool they would most likely use.  The tools from which to choose are presented in a Prezi Slideshow called Top 10 Tech Tools, by Diana Dell and Vince Szewczyk.  I was directed to this slideshow by a post on the edublog, A Whole New Dianne.


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