Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I would assume everybody reading this knows about Skype.  However, my modest experience as a computer guy has taught me that I should never assume anybody has any technology experience.  I would aver that most people know less about computers than you think they do.  I am still surprised by how little fellow teachers know.  It’s like cars.  Most people just get in and drive; they don’t know or worry about how the engine functions.

When I am trying to assist people with their computer problems, I am very careful not to be arrogant or condescending.  I realize that it is frustrating when your computer doesn’t work and you don’t know how to fix it; and I realize that it isn’t always fun having to ask for assistance.  The fact is, everybody started off not knowing anything about computers.  I don’t want to be like Nick Burns:

Anyways, concerning Skype, I just wanted to point out that Skype lets you use your computer as a phone.  I signed up for Skype.  In Canada, it costs me $2.50/month to make unlimited long-distance calls to Canada and the United States.  The sound quality is good.

In many countries, you can purchase a Skype phone number, so that you can receive calls to your computer.  I think it would great to be able to receive phone calls while I am on the computer.  Unfortunately, this service in unavailable in Canada.


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