Friday, July 31, 2009

Google Analytics

On the right side of this blog, I have inserted a Feedjit widget which displays the country of origin of the visitors.

For more detailed information regarding visitor habits, I use Google Analytics.  Google Analytics provides beaucoup data concerning your site’s visitors, such as city of origin, average time on site, referring page, and pages visited.

Google Analytics is free.  You can sign in using your Google account.  You copy and paste an invisible piece of tracking code into the HTML code of your website/blog template (or into each individual page that you would like monitored if you do not utilize a template).  This here site provides a nice tutorial of the process of deploying Google Analytics.

Unfortunately, I changed the template of this blog some weeks ago, and I recently discovered that Google Analytics stopped monitoring the traffic since that time.  I reinstalled the tracking code; so hopefully, that problem is remedied.


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