Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Box of Tricks

On his website Box of Tricks, teacher Jose Picardo presents a video that shows how he used some internet resources in his classroom. The production quality of the presentation is good. Jose demonstrates how he used Glogster, Animoto, Diigo, and Edmodo.

He also provides links to examples of work produced by his students. For me, seeing examples of student work is probably the best way to be educated how and inspired to utilize an online tool.

At the end of his video, Jose discusses the reaction of his students to the projects. He admits that the students were not as interested in Glogster and Animoto as he thought they would be. He reflects that perhaps the association of these websites with an educational setting negatively affected the students’ attitudes. It is rare to hear an educator provide a candid evaluation of his students’ reactions to web tools and projects. It was great to hear a teacher reflecting on their own teaching, and it inspired me that I should do the same (and expect my students to do the same).


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Good stuff.

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