Saturday, July 25, 2009


I signed up for an online budgeting service, at MoneyStrands.  I wanted an online service that would allow me to input my purchases and give me summaries of my spending habits. is one of the most popular sites, providing many financial services; however, Mint requires direct access to your bank and credit card accounts.  At this juncture, I am not secure enough to provide this information to a third party site.  Besides, Mint does not cater to Canadians yet.

MoneyStrands allows users to input purchases without requiring a connection to their financial institutions.

There are graphical representations; users can modify the parameters.

I started this exercise for my own benefit.  I never intended to use MoneyStrands in the classroom.  However, I reckon students could use this site to track their own spending habits and learn about budgeting.


Lucia @ moneyStrands said...

Glad you like the site Steven. I'm not sure how old your students are, but we also have a mobile version and iPhone app, for those who want to monitor finances on the go. Plus lots of new features on the horizon!


Lucia @ moneyStrands

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