Wednesday, July 15, 2009


First, I would like to mention a blog that I learned about from Anne, author of the Ask Auntie Web blogNik’s Daily English Activities has many fun and creative classroom projects.

On Twitter, I am following Edtech Talk.  A tweet from them pointed me to Youthvoices.

Like many sites, this one has educational articles.  The difference is that at Youthvoices, they encourage students to participate.

One way this is accomplished is by providing students with many Response Guides.  Response Guides consist of web literacy how-to’s, such as, how to insert a photo in a post; as well, the Response Guides contain many cloze-style response templates such as the one below that students can utilize to guide their writing.

General Discussion Response | Youth Voices via kwout

The site also hosts an assignment grid that prescribes 25 writing tasks that students must complete every week.


Tracy Rosen said...

Cool. I discovered YouthVoices last summer (I think that is when it started) but haven't been back for a visit since then (for shame!).

At first glance 25 writing tasks may be overwhelming to some kids. I like the idea but would format it differently, as something to build up to. I think I'd keep track of the different writing tasks students do in a week and then reflect back to them the number of tasks they do already. That way the huge matrix of tasks might would be less daunting than at first glance.

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