Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wrote previously about Evernote, a website the allows users to save snippets of webpages.

Simplybox provides a similar service.

When I first saw Simplybox in action, I thought that I would end up using it instead of Evernote. However, after trying Simplybox for a time, I think I’ll stay with Evernote.

Simplybox features a drag-and-drop interface. When the Simplybox button is pressed, an orange toolbar appears on the bottom of your screen. This toolbar displays your boxes, which are folders that you create. After selecting the area of a webpage that you would like to save, you drag it into the appropriate box.

The ability of Simplybox to organize your notes is the best quality of this service. However, there are two things about Simplybox that I did not like. First of all, it installs a toolbar. Real estate on my computer screen is at a premium, so I don’t like it when a single application installs its own toolbar. Second of all, unlike Evernote, Simplybox does not allow you to capture anything more that what appears on the immediate screen. With Evernote, you can scroll down and select as much content as you want for your note.


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