Thursday, October 15, 2009


I started using Engrade a few weeks ago.  It’s great.

I had been using Edmodo, but I do not use Edmodo anymore.  Engrade does everything Edmodo does and more. 

Engrade is an online gradebook that allows students and parents to see the student’s grades at any time.

Also, it is an attendance book.

Also, there is a calendar on which I can post assignments.

Also, there is an internal email system, to conveniently communicate with students and parents.

My students consult their Engrade accounts several times each day.  If they think an assignment has not been marked accurately, they let me know.  If an assignment is missing, they want to know, so they can get it done.

Students who miss a day of school can check their work online.

Students can do their homework online.

I have received several emails from different parents who have commented on their child’s grades.   It is transparent from the behaviour of some of the students that their parents have talked to them about their grades.  Some of the parents have told me so.

In my entire life as a student and a teacher, I have never seen a more useful, more useful tool and more effective motivator than Engrade.


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