Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For some time, I have been looking for an online alternative to Microsoft Movie Maker. Essentially, I wanted a tool to create slideshows, with music (created by the students) and photos. Additionally, I wanted a program that would allow my students to import public photos from the web, such as, from Flickr. This would alleviate the hassle of downloading photos and then uploading them again.

My search was more difficult than I anticipated. I assumed that there would be many online slideshow applications that would suit my needs. I began to collect them on Diigo. However, with each app that I tried, I found something lacking.

Photosnack does not include music.

Clipgenerator only uses music from their own library and does not import public photos from Flickr.

Magtoo and Rockyou let users import public photos from Flickr, but these websites only use songs from their own library.http://www.stupeflix.com/

Vuvox allows users to use their own music and to import photos from Flickr. Strangely though, the final product requires viewers to advance the photos manually.

Photopeach allows users to upload music and pictures, but does not import public pictures from Flickr.

Masher uses their own library of music and video clips.

I was about to give up, when finally, I found Stupeflix. Stupeflix is the only slideshow application that does the two simple things that I want it to do. Users can upload their own song, and users can search for public photos on Flickr to import. Now, about the name…


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