Monday, October 5, 2009


Today in Music class, I asked my students to make music videos.

They used Masher, which is a rather simplistic site that provides video and music clips for users to mash together.  When I scouted the site beforehand, I was sceptical because the video clips seemed to be mostly outtakes from corny BBC documentaries.

However, the students really enjoyed the activity.  I thought they would just slap some material together and call it a day; however, they carefully crafted their productions, combining complementary music and video to create impressive results.  They surprised me.

In his  blog, one of the students wrote that it was his best class of music ever.  Wow.

It’s funny how sometimes, as a teacher, lessons that you feel the most excited about will often flop; and lessons that you find uninspiring will often be a hit with the students.

As I said, the videos were really well done.  Here is one of them.  Golf video.


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