Sunday, September 27, 2009


One of the websites to which I subscribe in my Google Reader account is Lifehacker.

They recently had an article describing the five best Twitter clients.  I have been using TwitterFox, which is an add-on for Firefox.  TwitterFox is good, but I wanted something less compact, and maybe, with more features.  Due to its small size, I find TwitterFox to be slightly uncomfortable to read.  Since I have noticed a recent increase in the great sites I am finding via Twitter, I wanted an interface I enjoy perusing more.

So, I am going to give Brizzly a try.

The Brizzly layout is very similar to Twitter’s.

The interesting features of Brizzly are that shortened URLs are expanded; and, photos and video are previewed.

The one drawback, compared to TwitterFox, is that TwitterFox allows me to recommend a website with one click; whereas, Brizzly requires me to cut and paste the URL.


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