Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last week, I spent three days at a reading and production workshop presented by Michele Luchs and Louise Bourque.  All of the Cycle 2 English teachers from our school board, ESSB, were present.

It was a good experience.

Michele and Louise emphasized the benefits of incorporating a variety of media in the classroom.  Their primary message, as interpreted by me, was that the modern English classroom must consist of multimedia productions.  Contemporary literacy means more than traditional reading and writing.  In the spirit of the Quebec Reform, we were encouraged to explore, with our students, the analysis and production of such media as movies, magazine advertisements, slideshows, and so on.  In a nutshell, the workshop advocated the types of pedagogical activities about which I have been learning, collecting and blogging for the past few months.

It was nice to meet other educators who share visions similar to mine regarding the multi-faceted definition of literacy.

Photo by ahhyeah.


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