Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jamstudio is a website that lets easily compose songs.

Teachers can request a free educator account.  Within a couple days of my request, I received an email with an access code good for 200 accounts.

Last week, I had the students in my Music class write a song.  Unfortunately, the “Share” button did not function properly; therefore, the students could not email me their songs.

I found a work-around solution.

There is a button on the Jamstudio website, “Mp3 Mix.”  This allows users to email themselves an MP3 file of their creation.  I will instruct my students to send their MP3 to their own email accounts.  I could just ask them to then forward the email to me.  However, I want their music to be publicly available, on their blogs.  Unfortunately, Blogger does not allow for uploading MP3s.

Thanks to this great website, Zippa.com, which is a repository for Web 2.0 websites, I found this interesting and useful website, File2.ws.  File2.ws allows users to upload a large variety of files, which are then converted into a simple web page.  There is no sign up procedure.  So, each student will upload their MP3, which will be made into a web page.  This web page can then be linked to on their blog.

Photo by Hryck.


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