Sunday, September 6, 2009


My plan this year was to utilize an online gradebook and attendance book.

However, I have discovered that our school uses off-line software for these tasks.  So, so much for that plan.

I have been having an on-again off-again relationship with Edmodo.  I have decided again that I will try to use it in my classes.  It will provide a site for my students and their parents to see all their assignments.  As well, it will allow me to keep track of the assignments.

I will not be using Edmodo to receive assignments.  The students work will be either be papers, delivered to me in person; or else, items posted on their personal blogs, which I will be able to peruse.

Indeed, since all of the assignments will be listed in the gradebook our school uses, Edmodo is actually redundant for me.  We will see.  If it gets to be too tedious to maintain, then I will be off-again.


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