Thursday, May 7, 2009


Larry Ferlazzo is an amazing edublogger who always finds great resources.

He wrote a recent post about Chatbots, which are websites that have robots you can chat with.

This chatbot speaks decent English, and could be fun in a classroom.

However, Virsona is a website that really piqued my interest.

Users can create Chatbots, and then input information for the Chatbots to use in conversations. Historical figures, such as Albert Einstein, can be programmed by anybody. It is an interesting way to have a conversation with a historical person, make them come alive, and learn about them.

Another thing users can do is create individual Chatbots. For example, I could create a Chatbot fashioned after myself, and program it to provide answers that I would provide. That way, friends and family members could have a conversation with me, even after I am no longer living. :)


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