Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This blog received its first comment. In response to a previous post about Twitter, Chris responded that he was looking forward to more Twitter comments.

I can say that I like twitter now. Indeed, it is one of the first things I check each time I go on the net.

What is Twitter? Why is it good?

In a way, it is similar to email, or Facebook, or blogs. They are mediums that allow users to exchange information; especially, news and links. What sets Twitter apart is that it is more immediate. Plus, there is something about the obligatory short messages that is appealing.

When email first started to gain popularity, people commented that it was less formal than regular snail mail. It was a quicker and easier way to communicate. I think that Twitter can be compared to email in a similar way. This anecdote illustrates the nature of twitter.

For Twitter skeptic's, I would encourage you to read this article, then try Twitter yourself.

On a separate topic, Mashable has categorized lists with links to many useful websites.


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