Saturday, May 16, 2009

Classroom Technology

While browsing Twitter, I found this article, entitled, "Classroom Technology Needs to Catch Up: Teacher."

The article is written as a reaction to a report published by the Ontario Public School Boards' Association, a report that discusses the use of technology in classrooms.

A grade 9 student is quoted:

"When people just stand at the front of the class, I don't really learn anything because it's boring."

Allowing students, such as herself, to use technology with which they are familiar to complete assignments would not only boost student interest, but it could allow a student to excel at a class they normally wouldn't if confined to learning from a text book, she added. She and her peers feel limited when it comes to exploring or experimenting with technology in class.

"I think another problem is the teachers don't really know how to use what we can," she added. "Most of the time, we are teaching the teachers how to use it.

The integration of technology into the classroom is not an option. It is mandatory. Traditional methods of teaching using textbooks and lectures will not keep the interest of modern children, and as students become disinterested in school, they will fail and drop-out.

Teachers have an obligation to make themselves computer-literate and knowledgeable of the internet and other forms of

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