Sunday, May 31, 2009

Collaborative Photo Sites

MrsSmoke, of Making Teachers Nerdy, writes a blog post about collaborative photo sharing. This is a great idea. Parents can upload their photos to a single site, then the teacher can use these photos for publications, such as a yearbook. Or, attendees at an event, such as a graduation, can upload their photos to a single site, and a journal or any other publication can be made from these contributions.

One site mentioned by MrsSmoke is Shwup. This site looks good because there is no quantity limit on the uploads, and because it allows users to create Muvee slideshows. Muvee slideshows are dynamic slideshows that automatically pan the photos (or video clips) in different ways and insert different transitions between photos. When music is added to the slideshow, then Muvee will adjust the duration of each photo to correspond with the rhythm of the music.


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