Thursday, May 28, 2009

Classroom Blogs

Having this blog to reflect upon my professional development is good.

Having a classroom blog to comment upon the students' lives in and out of the classroom is good.

There are other ways that blogs can be implemented. There are two posts about using blogs in the classroom on the website, emergingedtech, here and here, that discuss various implementations of classroom blogs.

Classes can participate in cultural exchanges. Each student can have their own blog, or all the students can contribute to a single blog.

I think it would be a good idea to have a classroom Facebook account as well as a classroom Twitter account. These real-life publishing media would, ideally, motivate the students and be for everyone a source of pride. Also, these sites would provide immediate communication with the parents. One of the great things about modern technology in the classroom is that it provides teachers with the ability to communicate with parents with a frequency and ease never before available.

Many bloggers—teachers or otherwise—start with a flurry of posts and then stop blogging; plan for regular blog activities, even if it’s just every two weeks.” - Tom Dillard


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