Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Support

I have about 20 links to Educational Blogs on my Google Reader. There is no lack of Educational Blogs.

I read that RSS readers transform information acquisition from hunting and gathering to cultivating.

Reading some of these education blogs have re-energized my passion for reading, contemplating and learning.

I have noticed another benefit to reading educational blogs.

It feels supportive and reassuring for me to read comments and opinions from other educators that are similar to mine. This is especially true when the opinions that echo my own concern topics about which I feel less than confident. For example, I have long felt disconcerted that my philosophy and method of classroom management does not fit the traditional mold. I lean towards a style that is less dictatorial and authoratative and more democratic.

When I read this post: Are Classroom Rules Needed? and the comments, I was happy to read that there are other teachers who adhere to a similar philosophy.

Of course, classroom management is not a simple topic with simple answers. It depends on many factors and, like many things in life, requires balance and compromise. But that is for another post.


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