Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I signed up for a Diigo account.

Diigo is a website to save your bookmarks online. You can share your bookmarks and browse other people's bookmarks. It is a social bookmark site.

On previous occasions, I have sought an online bookmark site, but was never able to settle on one I liked.

I wanted something that would easily allow me to organize my bookmarks in a hierarchical fashion, to allow me to easily categorize my bookmarks into folders such as "Art," "Math," and "English."

Diigo permits this type of organizing. Users can create lists.

However, I learned about a new and maybe better way to organize my bookmarks, known as "tagging."

I see that tagging has the potential to be more efficient than lists. For example, if I label a bookmarked website with the tags "math," "puzzles," and "critical thinking," then it will appear in all three of these tag groups. It is not necessary for me to choose a single folder for a bookmarked website or to have a bookmarked website repeated in multiple folders.

Here is the link to my Diigo page.


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