Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to Steven's PLN

I am starting this blog to serve as my Personal Learning Network.

Within the last week, as I was exploring educational blogs, I stumbled on an article on the website Teachers 2.0. This was my first introduction to the phrase, "Personal Learning Network."

Prompted by the advice of this article, I set up an aggregator at Google Reader and began collecting the rss feeds of some educational blogs.

In the past few days, I have read with growing excitement many educational blogs. It is dawning on me that there is vast network of educators interested in sharing and collaborating. It is dawning on me that the internet is evolving rapidly and fulfilling it's destiny as a revolutionary tool of communication, like the television before it, that will alter the way that people think and will alter the very nature of our society.

I am begining to feel a stong stirring of optimism. I am beginning to see education, and my role as a teacher, in a new light. As I read somewhere in a blog yesterday, education is shifting from the industrial age to the communication age.

I read a PDF article written by David Warlick entitled, "Grow Your Own Personal Learning Network," which provides a concise description of a PLN.

So, here it is.


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